The download below is a copy of the Trackside Self-Registration Multi-Event program in a single self extracting WinZip file.  You may download the file only for PCs which have TracksidePlusV3 installed.  The file is not an install program and will not work unless you have already installed and unlocked the Trackside software previously on the PC.

You can run the file from this location or you can SAVE the file to take it to multiple PCs to run it. 

Follow the directions below if you are installing the program on your PC for the first time.

  1. Click on the Download link below and RUN the file
  2. Click the UNZIP button in the upper right corner
  3. Go to your "C:\Trackside" folder and find the file "Trackside_Kiosk_MultiEvent.exe"
  4. Right click on this file then left click SEND TO
  6. Go to your desktop and run the shortcut

Download Self-Registration File - Dated 03.22.2019   RUN FILE AND UNZIP TO YOUR "C:\Trackside" folder replacing the file that is already there.

Download Self Registration Manual

2016 - Add ability for manual input of AMA nbr



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